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The Biology4all Speakers Database currently holds details of 474 University staff willing to give talks to local schools and colleges. Some speakers might be willing to visit local schools only, others might be prepared to travel longer distances. The database hold details of the location and travel preferences for each speaker. The postcode search facility will therefore find all speakers willing to travel to your location.

Academics and Researchers in UK Universities (and similar establishments) are most welcome to join the database. To register simply email us with your name, email address and postcode. We will then register you and send you a password, which will subsequently enable you to add details of your talk(s).

Note 1:   In registering yourself on this database you are not making any firm commitment to give talks "on demand". We clearly recognise that your other commitments might make it impossible for you to give talks at certain times during the year.

Note 2:   You decide for yourself how far you wish to travel to make talks. The default distance is "up to 30 miles", but some speakers have opted only to make visits up to 10 miles whilst others are prepapred to travel anywhere within the UK. You will also be able to state whether or not you require any reimbursement for travel costs, etc.

Note 3:   Whilst emails may be sent to you via the website no-one will actually gain access to your email address unless of course you reply to an enquiry.

Note 4:   We do encourage speakers to keep their own details up-to-date.