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The Biology4all Speakers Database currently holds details of 543 talks offered by 474 University and Research Staff willing to visit schools and colleges. Some speakers might be willing to visit local schools only, others might be prepared to travel longer distances. The database hold details of the location and travel preferences for each speaker. The postcode search facility will therefore find all speakers willing to travel to your location.

  •  Postcode Search (recommended) finds what is available to you at your location.
  •  Speaker Search if you know the full or partial name of a speaker and simply want to find him/her.
  •  Site Search finds all speakers from a particular university or other establishment.
  •  All Search finds talks anywhere in the UK, and to browse the entire database.

Teachers' Comments:

...an incredibly useful database for teachers. Every time that I have used it (and this is in two schools now) we have had an excellent speaker and very often at no cost. Thank you so much for what you have done to set this up...

...it was very useful as it put me in touch with 3 possible speakers and made initial enquiries...

Note: In registering themselves with this database speakers are not making any firm commitment to give talks "on demand". Speakers have many other commitments that might make it impossible for them to give talks at certain times during the year.

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Disclaimer:   Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this page is factually correct, neither the depositor, nor Biology4all.com, accept any liability for losses resulting from arrangements made between speakers and schools/colleges. Neither is any liability accepted regarding the safety of any demonstrations or workshops - it is essential therefore that both schools and speakers evaluate the risk of all such demonstration materials prior to their use in schools.