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Title: Statistics - Kite Charts in Excel
Deposited By: Derek Christie, Department of Science and Technology, Waikato Institute of Technology, Hamilton, Aotearoa, New Zealand
Date Deposited: 11 April 2004
Description: Kite charts show graphically how the abundance of various species changes at different places along a line. The density of each species is measured in each of a series of survey areas (quadrants) taken at measured distances along a suitable line (transect) through usually changing habitat. Density can be measured either in units like individuals per square metre or as percentage coverage when counting individuals is impracticable. A typical kite chart might show the abundance of key marine species as you move from the splash zone to below low tide mark on a rocky shore. The data needed to construct the chart are the distance of each quadrant along the transect line and the density of each species of interest in each quadrant. These are entered into the Excel spreadsheet along with the title and axis labels and the kite chart appears automatically, ready for copying into another document.
Download: MS Excel Spreadsheet (91 KB)
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