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Title: The Effect of Disinfectants and Antiseptics on Microbial Growth
Deposited By: Steve Beeton, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Central Lancashire, Preston
Date Deposited: 01 January 2002
Description: The experiment is intended for 2 year BBc Microbiology students. You may want to change the aims. The interesting part of the experiment is that students can bring a range of disinfectants from the home. For example, Milton, Domestos, Toilet duck, Pine Disinfectant, Jeyes Fluid etc. Antiseptics are a bit harder to do as they tend to be creams. You may want to try and solubilise these in water before adding to the wells. You may want to remove the section on the phenol coefficient as it may be too much depth at this stage. Key words or phrases will be in bold/italic in the downloaded document.
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