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Biotutor Discussion List Usage Policy
  • The primary reason for setting these "rules" is to avoid unnecessary messages cluttering up the email in-boxes of our busy members.

  • Please therefore recognize that our Listserv is not set up to be a "chat room" so we would request that you only to send "messages with a purpose".

  • If therefore you need help such as finding a supplier, have a practical problem, are concerned about a H&S issue, etc., etc., etc., then please use the List. Similarly if you have some general advice (e.g. a useful web site) then please post.

  • Similarly, if you can answer someone's question then again feel free to reply back to the whole List if you think that others might also be interested in your thoughts (if not just reply directly to the person who sent the original question).

  • However please try to avoid sending "me too" and "yes please" emails to the entire List - please direct these only to the relevant person or persons. Additionally, whilst it's nice to say "thank you" when people have helped you, please try to send such messages in moderation.

  • Please note however that the List is not meant as a "chat room", hence it is not appropriate to send emails that are purely humorous (however funny), carry hostile opinions of others in your workplace (staff and students), or contain foul language. Similarly not everyone on the List wants to hear that you are having a good or bad day unless there is some point (i.e. you require help).

  • If in doubt about the term (above) "foul language" the general rule of thumb is "if you wouldn't say it in from of your mother or grandmother then don't say it here".

  • Blatant advertising for commercial gain is not allowed on this List.

  • Please therefore stick to these guidelines. we hope that they are clear. If in doubt you can always send an mail to the List Owners to check with it before sending it on to everyone else.

  • Persistent abuse of these guidelines will simply result in offenders being removed from the List.